44 Toronto - 647.560.2582
Venue Name 44 Toronto
Dress Code Dress to Impress (Upscale and Stylish)
Address 627 King Street West
Crowd Mixed Crowd of Young Professionals and Mature Crowd. Sundays are more urban.
Music Hiphop/Rap/Top40/Reggae/Afrobeats
Popular Dates Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Layout Across ~6000 square feet sits three full-service bars, coat check services, a full functional stage and a 100 Sq Ft (12.5′ x 8′) LED Video Wall, 44 Toronto stands as an industry leader in Toronto for nightlife events. 44 Toronto is a multi-level venue with a mezzanine overlooking the dancefloor on the south side of the venue. The mezzanine is outfitted with modular furniture, a VIP bar and pristine private washrooms. The main floor hosts the DJ Stage and 15 booths surrounding an impressive dance floor with countless lighting fixtures that were custom designed and installed to bring 44 alive.

The Aura of 44 Toronto

Imagine stepping into a realm where every night feels like an exclusive gala, where the air itself seems to shimmer with excitement. This is the essence of 44 Toronto, located at 627 King Street West Toronto, ON M5V 1M5. It’s more than just a location; it’s a destination where the night comes alive in the most enchanting ways. With weekly standing events on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, it captures the attention of the general public and offers an escapade into the world of luxury nightlife.

Jaden Smith preforming LIVE at 44 Toronto in 2022

VIP Bottle Service at 44 Toronto: Elevate Your Night

VIP Bottle Service at 44 Toronto is synonymous with luxury and personalization. Imagine having the best seats in the house, your own private area, and a selection of premium spirits brought directly to you. It’s not just about the drinks; it’s about the status, the attention, and the unparalleled service that makes you feel like royalty. 44 Toronto offers a variety of booth options to fit your group’s size and budget. Booth prices range from $1,000 to upwards of $10,000. For more details about reserving your Bottle Service experience, simply fill out the form on this page or call/text us at (647) 560-2582 and one of our VIP Hosts will be in touch within a few hours to confirm your reservation and discuss options to ensure your night at 44 Toronto is one to remember.

Bottle Service presentation at 44 Toronto during NAVs performance

GUESTLIST: Your Exclusive Entry into Luxury

Getting on the VIP Guestlist at 44 Toronto is like holding a golden ticket to an exclusive world. It’s your pass to skip the regular lines, a nod to your importance, and a step into a night crafted just for you. Being on the guestlist is not just about entry; it’s about feeling valued and welcomed into a circle of exclusivity. As part of our exclusive offerings, ladies can enjoy FREE entry to 44 Toronto on our guestlist. (Ladies free is available on Fridays and Saturdays before 11:30, Sundays until 1am). Guys can enjoy line bypass on our VIP Guestlist as well. Simply sign up on using the form above and we’ll do the rest!

Lil Baby, Chris Brown and Tory Lanez party it up at 44 Toronto with VIP Bottle Service

The Heartbeat of Downtown Toronto

44 Toronto isn’t just located in the heart of Downtown; it’s the heartbeat. Positioned in the bustling fashion district on King Street West, it’s at the epicentre of the city’s nightlife. The location is more than just a spot on a map; it’s a gateway to an unforgettable night out.

Confetti Falls down inside 44 Toronto

An Unmatched Atmosphere of Luxury and Comfort

From the moment you step inside, the atmosphere of 44 Toronto wraps around you like a velvet cloak. The luxurious decor, the comfortable seating, and the ambient lighting all contribute to a feeling of exclusivity and comfort that is unmatched in the Toronto nightlife scene.

A Look Inside: The Opulent Design of 44 Toronto

The interior of 44 Toronto is a masterpiece of design, blending modern aesthetics with timeless luxury. Every corner, every light fixture, and every piece of furniture is carefully chosen to enhance the experience of luxury and exclusivity.

NAV and DJ Wikked at 44 Toronto during a live performance following NAVs Toronto concert

The Music: Beats that Move Your Soul

The music at 44 Toronto is a carefully curated mix of the latest hits and timeless classics. The DJs understand their audience and craft their playlists to ensure that the dance floor remains vibrant and energized throughout the night. With popular Toronto DJs and International DJs taking over the booth every weekend, 44 Toronto is the place to be if you want to hear the hottest tracks. Club 44 is also known for hosting A-List afterparties and events, with celebrities stopping in regularly. Some talent who’ve partied at 44 Toronto include Drake, Chris Brown, Lil Tjay, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Swae Lee, A Boogie, NAV, BIA, Fabulous and many many more.

The Drinks: Crafted for the Elite

At 44 Toronto, the drinks menu is crafted with the elite in mind. From exotic cocktails to vintage wines, every beverage is a work of art, designed to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your night. The staff at 44 Toronto are expert mixologists and can make any drink your heart desires.


The Crowd: A Gathering of the City’s Finest

The crowd at 44 Toronto is a blend of the city’s finest. It’s a place where fashion meets function, where influencers mingle with entrepreneurs, and where every night is an opportunity to make new connections. A mix of young professionals and mature clubgoers, 44 Toronto stands as a highlight for nightlife and fashion. Come make new memories every weekend!

Swae Lee live at 44 Toronto

Events and Entertainment:  

With weekly standing events and a calendar packed with special occasions, there’s never a dull moment at 44 Toronto. Each event is designed to capture the attention of the general public and offer a unique experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Making Memories: Special Events and Celebrations

44 Toronto is not just a nightclub; it’s a venue where memories are made. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or any celebration, the team at 44 Toronto goes above and beyond to make every occasion special.

44 Toronto Bottle Service: The Ultimate Experience

The 44 Toronto Bottle Service is the epitome of the nightclub’s luxurious offerings. It’s a statement of status and a testament to the premium experience that 44 Toronto is renowned for. Opting for bottle service here doesn’t just mean getting a table; it means getting an unforgettable experience.


Why 44 Toronto Stands Out in the Toronto Nightlife Scene

44 Toronto stands out not just because of its location, design, or services but because of the experience it offers. It’s a place where luxury and comfort meet entertainment and excitement, creating a unique blend that’s hard to find elsewhere.

How to Get the Most Out of Your 44 Toronto Experience

To truly enjoy what 44 Toronto has to offer, embrace the luxury. Opt for the VIP bottle service, make use of the guestlist, and let yourself be immersed in the opulence and excitement of Toronto’s premier nightlife destination.

Conclusion: The Unforgettable Night Awaits

As the night draws to a close and the lights of 44 Toronto dim, one thing is clear: this isn’t just a nightclub. It’s an experience, a memory, and a statement. It’s where the night comes alive in the most luxurious way possible. An unforgettable night awaits at 44 Toronto, and it beckons to those who dare to experience the pinnacle of Toronto’s nightlife.

Tory Lanez taking a shot of Casamigos at 44 Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I get on the guestlist for 44 Toronto? To get on the guestlist, visit 44 Toronto’s official website or contact their reservations team. Being on the guestlist offers a streamlined entry and a taste of exclusivity.

2. What does the VIP Bottle Service include? The VIP Bottle Service includes a private table, personal service, and a selection of premium spirits and mixers. It’s the ultimate luxury experience for those looking to elevate their night.

3. Are there any dress codes for 44 Toronto? Yes, 44 Toronto enforces a smart casual dress code to maintain the upscale atmosphere of the club. It’s recommended to dress to impress.

4. Can I host a private event at 44 Toronto? Absolutely. 44 Toronto offers customizable packages for private events, including birthdays, corporate events, and other celebrations. Contact their team for more details.

5. What makes 44 Toronto different from other nightclubs in Toronto? 44 Toronto sets itself apart with its prime location, luxurious interior, exclusive guestlist and VIP services, and a vibrant atmosphere that caters to the elite. It’s not just a nightclub; it’s a luxury nightlife experience.